Frosts Brighton Speed Trials Online Entry Form

Frost 4 Cars

  • The Frosts Brighton National Speed Trials 2019

    Saturday 7th September 2019

    MSA Permit Numbers – Nat A 110320 / Nat B 110318

    Held under the General Regulations of The Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and Supplementary Regulations.

    A separate Entry Form must be completed for each entry.

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  • Entries for inclusion in the program close at midnight on Friday 16th August 2019.
    Late entries may be accepted but no refunds will be given.refunds will be given.

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  • If an entrant or driver is under 18 this form must be countersigned by the Parent or Guardian

  • Name of person to be notified in the event of an incident